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About Sesembo

At Sesembo we pride our self on ethical fair chase, walk and stalk hunting and well managed naturally occurring game.

We harvest free range animals that have the opportunity to escape and avoid hunters just as much as the hunter’s chance of getting close enough to harvesting an animal. Our conservation plan of selective harvesting ensures that we protect the wildlife population for future generation hunters to have the same experience.


Sesembo is a small company managed and guided by the owner with more than 10 years’ experience in the tourism industry, thus insuring personal attention to every exclusive group in camp.


Sesembo’s camp is a perfect family friendly adventure were the young can learn about nature and the importance of conservation hunting.

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Why choose Namibia

Wildlife conservation has become a more diverse topic over the past years, and those involved at Sesembo have made it their mission to incorporate conservation efforts into every hunting experience... click here to read more

Additional Information

For general information and hints and tips for your travels, click here to read more

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