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Third time in Namibia and it keeps getting better!! Our bowhunting adventures was awesome, along with our bare foot stalks. Thanks for getting me my shots on the game, what a fun challenge. Your hospitality is second to none. Your mom cooking is fantastic with all my favorites. I will be Back again. See you soon in Canada. Your hunting partner
Glenn - Canada


The hunting camp was excellent, the best game dishes and distinguishing lodge. Your family were amazing. The meals and disserts where fantastic. Ruan is a “professional hunter” the socks + shoes off defined Oryx hunting Thanks for a trip of a life time. I have so many memories and stories to take back with me to share with the family and friends. Thanks you for taking e out of my comfort and having me try so many different things. I enjoyed our many sunrises, its truly a spectacular place to live in. I have never felt so comfortable in a different country, this is a rare expectation and appreciate all your knowledge and wisdom that you shared with us. Thanks for the memories
Duane & Leslie - Canada


The most amazing hunt, other than my own mistakes. The camp was amazing, better than expected, the food even better. Ruan your guiding and hunting skills were beyond exceptional. Can’t say enough about the hunt except I will be back. This was a dream come true, you were amazing. We enjoyed every minute here. It was exciting to see giraffe and elephants on the side f the road. The hippos in the River were a sight to see. We enjoyed the sun downers as well. The 100’s of pictures should be proof. Thanks for helping with all the photography tips and everything ells. We got a good education about Africa!!
Allan and Cheryl - Canada

We had the most wonderful experience on our African adventure. Both our guides were so incredible. Thank you for your knowledge and professionalism, courtesy, passion and organization, but even more thanks for the fun and friendliness and friendship. Oh and your patience. We laugh and loved sharing your beautiful country and cannot express how powerful this experience has been. From the bottom of our harts we give our full gratitude and love.
The Martins - Canada


This was true to be a trip of a lifetime for me and my son. It was a longtime planning and a short time coming. We could not have found a better place to have our first African safari hunting trip. My son has been walking on a cloud this whole last week. I feel as if I have stayed with lifelong friends and family, we had the best of hunts and the best of sights. From our kudu, oryx, zebra, warthog and the baboon intruder. Karen’s food was 5 star all the way, we did not have a single meal that wasn’t fabulous, my bonded like never before, we ate like never before, we hunted like never before. Ruan truly treats us with a family feel. He was the most knowledgeable and interesting PH we could have asked for. His demeanor is a reflection of his kind and generous parents. Karen and Nickey I am glad we kept the skinners busy. I really enjoyed the down home feel of this whole place. It made my adventure feel as if we were visiting a farm. Ranch back home. We met in Montana. With a heavy hart we have to leave this special place and return to the real world.
Joe & Hunter - Montana, USA


It’s hard to put into words just how fantastic this holiday has been. All the sights of Namibia an incredible experience with the wild animals will be relived over and over. You both treated us like royalty. Nothing was too much trouble. We especially enjoyed your sense of humor each day. We have traveled to many places in the world and this was the only trip where you can’t say what was the best. Thank you both so much.
Kay & Morris - Canada


Thank you seems to little to say to you both for sharing your wonderful country with us. We are leaving Namibia with new understanding of your corner of the world and so fortunate to have your knowledge, passion for your country and wild life. You were so gracious and patient with some of the slower folks. In the wild we would have lost Dean the first day. Thank you so much for giving us this unbelievable and incredible experience that has expanded our world in so many ways.
Dean & Irene - Canada


This was a trip of a life time; we arrived to a warm welcome from Ruan and the adventure begun. I was looking for a real hunt and this is what I got!! The hunts were extremely well executed. I could not begin to say how great the staff was. Every day brought new surprises in the field. In camp the good time rolled. From doing penalty shots for my misses and the congratulations shots to. The meals were excellent and you never felt like you were a client more like Family. If you want a real hunting experience, Ruan and Sesembo hunting is the place to come, you will never regret coming here to hunt. “so just do it “
Dan - USA


This was my first African hunt. It was a trip of a lifetime. I have been looking forward to this and it could not have been better. It was like hunting with family.
Josh - USA


Thank you so much for an amazing adventure. We really enjoyed touring with you and getting a wee idea of what your beautiful county is all about. We feel blessed beyond words for your wonderful hospitality. You are fantastic guides and we so admire your kind manner, skills and warm harts. We will always remember Namibia and all the amazing landscapes, flora, wildlife and interesting people, towns and the ocean of course. Most of all we are delighted to have met you and had this amazing time with you. May your business be blesses and many rain falls on Namibia. God bless
Dave and Cheryl - Canada


We very much appreciated your hospitality and open hart welcome of our stay, very much enjoyed our stay here at your bush camp. You attention to details from the folding of the toilet paper roll, down to hotel level clean, white sheets is a pleasure to witness. Very much enjoyed your talks and knowledge of the land. We can see you love for your country. We will always remember this place, this experience, but most of all you Ruan and you Karen. Thanks for having us our parting wishes for you and yours is that the rain will come and make your land bloom again. May the lord bless your family, the land and its people.
Much love and regards
Kim & Jeff - USA


Every trip we trip we have been on I our lives together and there have been lots been planned and dated, picked by Bruce since we have been married, Suzanne has always been going on my trips my schedule. This trip was Suzanne’s from day one. a year ago I had no interest in Africa and didn’t now were in Africa Namibia was. I agreed to know that I was going to miss three weeks of Golf (my passion) plus go in a summer holiday for the first time in our married life. Well I can honestly say from the day we landed in Victoria falls that both of us have been absolutely blow away, the sights, the hospitality, the food everything has been totally amazing, but most of all the passion and knowledge that you both have for this country has been front and centre all the time. We are beginning to love this place as much as you guys. We know so much more now, because of all your understanding of this great country. We will miss you guys more then you will ever know and will think and talk about coming back so until we meet again , stay well our friends
Bruce and Suzanne - Canada


This has been a trip of a life time, but this trip, it’s amazing, its beauty; its wonders were all due to you. The experience, the joy, the laughs will not soon be forgotten. As you mentioned you leave a piece of our self in Namibia. Thank you
Neal and Penny - Canada


“Personally speaking” this has truly been an amazing experience, having no idea what to expect and arriving with little appreciation, you have truly made this trip a fun, safe ad eye opening time for us, free of tress often encounters in new places. We have loved every moment of this tour, and leave wanting more. Love the lodges, meals, game drives and river cruises, never thought id say “ oh there’s another giraffe” thanks you truly for a wonderful vacation
Joan and Don - Canada


Thanks Ruan , a truly awesome experience! Again. Our Bow hunting spot and stalk was an amazing challenge and your skill and knowledge of the animals made it an extremely fun and rewarding hunt. Our successful Zebra stalk, was an adrenaline moment I won’t soon forget. Our time glassing off White Mountain, seeing all the verities of African animal, watching the incredible sunrises and taking in the scenery. Our last day kudu hunt was incredible, with a special trophy. The camp and setup is fantastic, love the feel and atmosphere. Last, but definitely, not not last was the fantastic food. Even with you/us walking every rock ridge ad valley in search of kudu, I lost no weight.

Thanks Ruan I will be back so for another unforgettable African experience.
Had an awesome time touring Namibia with our friends. Getting to know Ruan and Fearika was an absolute pleasure. So much fun experiencing all the jewels of Namibia. Sucha great country with friends and hospitable people. Can’t say enough good things about everything we did!! Ruan you made the trip so memorable. Will be back soon to enjoy more time with you my friend. !!
Glenn Bielech - Grand Prairie, Canada


I read the past comments and it echo what was written. Even though my stay was only 2 weeks, I do feel I have gotten a very true and real impression of your beautiful country, its animals and the people. Ruan your knowledge, your patience, your kindness is humbling – you really put your whole self into your work, so that people come here to have the best experience. I look forward to treating you the same way when you come to visit. It was nice that Fearika was able to join us for a few days - the both of you are really “ the best” I leave with a mind full of beautiful memories and a heart filled with admiration and love, I thank you for that.
Daisy Harpe - Grand Prairie, Canada


What a wonderful two weeks, filled with adventures and supprises! Thank you so very much for all of the fabulous little bits on Namibia. I have enjoyed every moment of the journey.
Best of everything to you both for the future trips!!
Brenda - Canada


I have learned so much on this trip to Namibia and Zimbabwe. I’m speechless ( hahaha) A truly beautiful experience of a life time. Word cannot explain how amazing your beautiful country is. From the sunrise, sunsets, sand dunes, boat cruises, breathtaking animals. Everything was so awe inspiring. The accommodation and meals were superb. I enjoyed the experience of eating crocodile, kudu, oryx and drinking thirsty beer and wine. Ruan you are truly amazing – keep us organized and on time. And showing us hidden gems and treasures. Loved the surprises – great job. I was a pleasure to meet you Fearika and learn so much from you. Thanks for the beautiful memories and friendship. Until we meet again.
Diane - Canada


Caroline and I cannot thank you enough for the most fantastic adventure, Ruan +(bubbly) Fearika. In our wildest dreams we never thought we would experience so many exiting and beautiful moments. You both have shared and given us a Love for Africa. I am sure we will be back and share our enthusiasm with all those we know who wish to feel the magic of Namibia. I hope, even though you are both working so hard at the passions you share, that we showed our appreciation and brought some humor to the tour as well. We feel that we have won the lottery by experiencing your kindness and feel honored to call you both our friends, be well, we will see you again soon.
Robert( side show bob) Labrier, Caroline Connelly - Grand Prairie, Canada


The happies we are that we found a place ( what a beautiful one) where free range is still available in the 21st century. Thank you for the breathtaking landscape, the delicious food you prepared every day for us and the crazy moments a fire!
We’d love to see you again.
Yutas Family - Hungary


To Sesembo Thank you for welcoming us into your camp, farm and family! As my forth time to Africa, the trip has been unforgettable – seeing so many animals, bumpy rides with Josephin the hunting truck, sunsets with Karen by the fire or on the rock and delicious game dinners for a queen. Keep your eye out for all the thing – “little fluffy ones with spots” thank you for giving me a safe, comfortable and quality trip. You values are strong and the business will benefit from it. Oh’ and thanks for having the whole family at dinner - feels like home. Hope to see you all again.
This has been a truly great hunt. My first leopard and a good one. Saw much game and many leopard again.
Hannah Lott & John Lott - USA


You’re the best, the guys have ever ever ever had. You were great even when having to put up with 4 wind nuts. Hopefully you won’t forget us anytime soon and spin away for our return. We were sure we would not eat for a week, surprise surprise the food was fabulous and none of it tasted like venison. Be sure to look up the word “ skree” so we know what it means upon our return. Each week familiarize yourself with the hoop and dreams of going there for a special treat. We’ll take you to a really good restaurant and buy shoes for mom. She is the best.
Hugs, kisses and all that not
Bob & Carolyn - USA


So many thanks to you, your mother and staff!! We had such a supper week in Namibia @ Sesembo. Randy and I had no idea what to expect when uncle Bob called to ask us consider sharing the trip he had just bought at safari club banquet. We said a responding “yes” and began to plan and look forward to our trip to Africa. The 15,5 hour trip from Atlanta flew by ( no pun intended) and then our week long adventure began. The accommodation was 1st class, the food was the best and we enjoyed eating all the game meat we had heard about- all so delicious each and every meal!! Ruan, you spotted animals so easily and enthusiastically guided Randy to his Oryx and then Kudu.
Thank you so much@ we look forward to seeing you in Duluth, MN in Feb and then to show you a bit of our part of the world. Thank you so much for all you have done for us.
Sue and Randy - USA


We all had a wonderful trip! I can’t believe how lady luck shined down upon us, From just meeting you in Billings, Montana on a cold January day to having confidence and booking a trip of a life time with you and literally seeing it happen. Who would even guest that I would get all my animals what “I” shot and then catching and landing a trophy tiger fish on the Chobe river. I’m surly still having to figure out where all my prizing trophies will fit in my tiny Montana farm house. Karen and Nickey were wonderful. She helped us understand your life and culture even me and Edd was able to isolate livestock presentation with Nickey. Then your tracker, he’s wonderful, such a great spotter and tracking with his silent and quiet personality. I will keep him close to my heart forever. Ruan you are a good, kind and gentle man. You are an exceptional guide and can read not only your clients, but you know game and their habits. Put it all together and it’s always a success which creates lasting memories. I thank you for making my trip, also actually remarkable and unforgettable. Till we meet again.
Ann & Edd - Montana, USA


I’m just trying to find the correct word to describe the wonderful adventures we had these days. It was organized perfect in the camp and the safaris in the wonderful scenery were fascinating.
We only can recommend that accommodation, hunting and food. It’s for sure that we return.
Edgar and Sascha - Germany


This is my first entry in this Journal, but it certainly won’t be my last. I’ll be back, after medical school, to hunt more kudu bulls.
It is a great comfort to know that I am leaving Namibia , having made two lifelong friends, in Ruan and Fearika
Save the Hakkies Draad for me.
Call Coddington - Grand rapids USA


Fearika & Ruan I want to thank you for an incredibly pleasant and memorable visit to Africa! It was everything I had hoped for in our stay and so much more. Everything was lekker!! Your hospitality and warmth is impeccable, and I came to feel right at home with you both. It was an absolute treat to spend time in the outdoors, appreciating your beautiful property and learning more about your country through you two.
I will not ever forget the memories I have made here in Africa, and I am already looking forward to our next visit here and spending time with you both again. I am hopeful that will be sooner rather than later. We came as strangers, but I know now I can call you good friends. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for and with us. Miss this place and you guys already.
Clare Coddington


Ruan and Fearika I often have difficulty finding the “good” in goodbye, but this trip’s ending is especially bittersweet. I’m going to miss Sesembo Africa and the people more than ever thought I would, from the trophy hunts to the delicious food, from the beautiful scenery to the warm hospitality. I will miss it all ( maybe not the red romans or hakkiesdraad so much). Nonetheless this adventure was all hat I hoped it would be and more. I’ve learned a great deal while I’ve been here:
• Cream soda is green.
• Don’t smell the water.
• Being in shape is a must if your hunting with a certain PH named Ruan.
• Waterfalls are big here.
• Kudu and warthogs like to disappear.
• Campfire food is some of the best – especially when Fearika has the ingredients for a “Pottjie”
• Zebra hides are the prettiest( maybe a little biased)
• The Southern cross is stunning.
• When you came you’ll never ever want to leave.
We came to Africa as strangers, but left with some very dear friends. I will miss you greatly. Until next time. God Bless!! Give nala a per from me.
Catherine Coddington


Top to bottom, the best holiday our family has ever been on! Fearika and Ruan took care of us in every way as our hosts. We felt pampered and cared for individually, and in every regard. The housing is in a beautiful setting (just awesome!) and constructed with natural views that capitalize on the vast landscape of Sesembo. So inviting, I couldn't wait to return each night to our little lighted home on the hill, dine on delicious wild African game and enjoy the fellowship of the day's experiences by the fire. I went to bed each night wanting more and I got it! Each day was more fun then the last!
Ruan worked overtime to assure us we had an unforgettable trip to Africa. He is astute and aware (almost a sixth sense,) as to the needs and desires of his guests. We absolutely loved his wit, stories of the bush and gritty work ethic! He's a beast when it comes to physical endurance and mountain climbing - can you say momentum? Each of our children (ages 24,23 & 21) came to love Ruan, along with Scott and myself. He never gives up and he never gives in!!
If we thought Ruan was the perfect "man," then Fearika is the perfect "woman." Fun and engaging, her laughter is absolutely infectious! She was every bit the hostess Ruan was. Selfless in her desire to please guests, like Ruan, they compliment one another beautifully. One tip. Ask, beg and plead for Fearika's oxtail stew! I can't say enough about Africa and our experience at Sesembo. We never wanted to leave. In 17 days they became more than vacation guides, they became lifetime friends.
The ultimate lekker of Sesembo,
I have been blessed to travel overseas many times (and to many continents) in my lifetime. Beautiful trips to beautiful countries! And to my recollection, no one has worked as hard to fulfill our family hopes of an unforgettable holiday as Ruan. I cannot say enough about his devotion to his clients! This guy is a one-of-a-kind. Don't hesitate. Take the trip. You will never, never regret it.
Diane Coddington


Thank you very much for a truly unforgettable experience. Our Stay here at Sesembo has been more than exceptional. Everything from the Lodge to the hunting has been first class operation.
We hope to be back soon.
Brandon & Andon Van Beek - USA


Sesembo!! Ruan and Fearika We have only one word. BREATHTAKING!!! We stand in ---- of the ---- camping site, and the amazing friendship and hospitality, outstanding service and the best food we have received. We cannot wait to come back soon and have this experience again. Just to sit around the campfire, feels as if the stars are so close we can just reach out and touch them!
We have learned so much about nature and are humbled by the beauty of His creation!
Ruan Fearika, this place is so special. We thank you from the bottom of our harts, no we bless you with the success, increase and prosperity and just know that you will go from strength to strength.
Much love and blessings
Pieter & Martie - South Africa


Ruan and Fearika Thank you so much for an amazing time at Sesembo luxury tent camp. There is not many places in the world were nature and luxury meets so exceptionally well! It was a great honor for me to hunt my first “ gemsbok” in Namibia
The hospitality was spectacular and we will surely be back! Thank you for your friendship and thank you for sharing your knowledge and love for nature with us! Truly unbelievable.
I have never tasted a Zebra Fillet so Magnificent as the one Ruan had prepared for us! My wife will always remember the beautiful sunrise and nights around the camp fire with the most Beautiful sunsets.
Tommie And Mariandie Steenkamp - South Africa
We came and we saw nature through your eyes!!


The time we spent with you and your family was wonderful. Your love and knowledge of your country, its animals and plants made our hunting very enriching.
Your stalking capabilities are the best is have ever seen. You are an incredible PH! You made it possible for my wife and I to get all of the Trophies on our “wish List” the animals were bigger and more beautiful than we expected to ever see, much less hunt. I am very appreciative of the patience and endurance you showed with my wife and her very first hunt ever. The beautiful Zebra she got will go down as one of the highlights of her life. (You also made it so she now understand what a magnificent sport fair chase hunting is)
Your facilities and staff exceeded all of our expectation. The food was fantastic, we especially enjoyed the game meat made on the open fire place.
Thank you for a wonderful time.
Your friends for life
Roberto and Katherine Padron - Miami, Florida USA


We can not put into words our experience here. The time and love you put into the management of the land is impressive. We thank you and your family for the opportunity to stay and hunt with you. Thank you we will never forget our first time in Africa! PS Next time we are thinking of 3 for 2
Tom & Austin De Jong – USA


Karen & Ruan
You’re welcome and hospitality over the last few days has been very much appreciated. The intimate and personal nature of the camp makes for a special experience. The hunting terrain is wonderful and it I will never forget my stalk with Byron for my first Hartman’s zebra. You have created a camp that is cleverly arranged where guests can relax and make the most of this very special place. I look forward to returning soon with Jenny. My grateful thanks again for a most memorable visit.
Colin Short - UK


Ruan & Karen
Another enjoyable hunt, great food Always enjoy your father and got to shoot the Double.
John Lott - USA


Dear Karen & Ruan
Thank a lot for having us here. We enjoyed this wonderful bush camp and the adventures hunting. Will never forget tracking the Oryx! We always felt more like guests then clients. It was lovely getting to know you. PS So far we are having a lovely honeymoon!! All the best
Nora & Julian - Germany

Dear Ruan
This has been an amazing trip. A beautiful place + have never seen so much game each day.
Cannot wait to come back.
What an experience, the amount of game, the scenery. What a special place and special
people. Thank you.
Sarah Frohlich
Wes Brown
Brother and sister team

Dear Ruan
Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience in Namibia. We enjoyed your beautiful
camp and hunting. And thank you for making Jeff’s birthday so special. The second week of
exploring your country and beyond is a memory we will never forget.
Jeff & Kim Fochs

Good hunt, good trip. Enjoyed seeing your country very much. Great fishing with Leon and
on the river. Thanks for 3weeks of fun and hard work it was worth it.
Peter Martin

Thank you to you ‘ Yed, Simon, Johanna’ the other camp staff and your mom and dad for a
wonderful stay at Sesembo. Good hunting, good company and excellent food. Mr Hyena
may have gotten away but the big eland and kudu did not. Now its onwards to the Caprivi
Mike Schrage

Namibia 2021

If you enjoy hunting and red sand dunes and beautiful sunsets, then Namibia is the place for
you. I started off my trip with Sesembo hunting Safari in the area known as the Okongona
area. There I successfully stalked and bagged a magnificent sable. My quest for an Ostrich
turned out to be an adventure in hide and seek which turned into a lovely 4-day hike over all
types of terrain and crawling thru Namibia’s tundra. Traveling across the Tropic of Capricorn
we arrived in Swakopmund which gave us cool weather along with tremendous coastal
fishing where we bagged 4 species of shark( spottd gully shark, hound shark, sand shark and
shy shark along with cob which our camp cook prepared into a delicious meal only found in
Africa. Camp proved to live up to my previous safari’s expectations with an added feature
“Amy’s Pool” where you can sip a glass of wine or enjoy a pink lady gin and tonic while you
soak under the Namibian sky after an all-day trek through the bush. Evening brings great
sunsets while re-living the days adventures between friends around a campfire. Ruan and
his team of excellent staff make you and your families Sesembo Safari a lasting lifetime
Ann Schilling,
Montana, USA

"Upon my long-awaited return visit to see my Namibian family, I was skeptical that this
second adventure could top my first experience in Africa almost 4 years prior. After all, it
had been the safari of a lifetime. However, Ruan and his Sesembo team were quick to dispel
any doubts. Hence, my dad and I were subjected to three unforgettable weeks of adventure,
the likes of which consisted of one very large copper shark, heaps of biltong and braai, too
much brandywine, and of course -- thrilling spot-and-stalk excursions into the Namibian
bush. They claim that the only man one should envy is the man who has yet to experience
Africa for the first time, but I can confidently say that my second adventure was just as
phenomenal as my first. I plan to return many more times in the future with my friend,
Ruan, and I eagerly await those days from afar. The dagga boys are next."
Call Coddington

My First trip with Ruan took place in 2017to northern Namibia, it was a family trip, but I
knew I’d be back – absolutely loved it from top to bottom – and it wasn’t long before I
booked 2021. This trip took my son and I to southern Namibia and the coast. With Covid
exploding worldwide, I hesitated about the likelihood of the trip, but Ruan and his travel
contacts (located stateside) secured our flights both there and back, without incidence. No
glitches at all.

I cannot overstate how well provided we felt in Ruan’s care. Each accommodation left us
begging for another day there, as we soaked up the beauty and sunset of this gorgeous land.
Travel was seamless and all needs were provided for before arrival, as Ruan and Fearika
have a keen sixth sense when it comes to hospitality and client’s satisfaction. You are
treated as family because they’re just fantastically honest and good people.
I have hunted twice in South Africa, and now twice in Namibia. There is no comparison
between the two. With free-range game and no fence, it’s hunting at its finest, wild and
unscripted. In addition, we added coastal shark fishing and desert wheeling as a side trip in
2021, which added a whole phenomenal dimension I had yet to witness in that great land.
There is nothing that compares to the freedom the land offers – the beauty, the landscape,
the accommodations, the professional guide – and the aura and vastness of Africa
Scott Coddington


Thank you for an excellent hunt; this was indeed my dream African Safari. Many great trophies as well as pictures. I love all those giraffes. Simon and Johanna were a pleasure to be around. Excellent food and the camp is great; I hope to return. God Bless you and your family.

Tom Nystrom

Minnesota, USA May 10, 2022 

Dear Ruan and the Sesembo staff of Sesembo, Thank you sincerely wonderfully for an amazing experience! Your hospitality kindness and goodness with a memorable trip each day. Hunt was fantastic and your work as an exceptional PH made all the difference. I am delighted with my trophies and thank you all will see you soon in the States.

Yours very truly,

Willi G - USA


Dear Ruan & All


An experience we have talked about seems to have happened this past week; thank you

Your family and staff welcomed us so beautifully. Simon & Andrew were such wonderful guide & spotters. It was a fantastic hunt for Lee & Eric. We hope to see you in Charleston, SC, in the future.

Best to Fearika!


Eric -USA 

The Botha family extended their hospitality and bush knowledge of Namibia to my exceed my grates expectations

Ruan & all others

I had a wonderful time on the farm, and I will definitely come back as a hunter too. I have seen so many beautiful and interesting things, and same I will maybe never see them again. The visit to the cheetah farm was very special and, as the other things were special on the other farms. But the farm ‘Sesembo’ is my favorite because I like to climb on the mountains and the camp is also really nice. I hope I will come back as soon as its possible! 

Edgar - Germany 


July 3, 2022

Ruan and family 

Al and I would like to thank you for an amazing first time in Africa! It has been so much more than we could have imagined! The hospitality has been “lekker” right from the start. Raun, Karen, Nikki, and all the Sesembo staff at the camp are fantastic. A first-class experience! One word came to my mouth “soje” we loved trying all the different foods. Absolutely delicious!! The hunts were exciting, and we enjoyed learning the history of Africa while climbing to the top of the mountains! The views from the top “sojee!” Al is proud to be taking his 3 trophies home and we will proudly tell the stories behind each one, to our family and friends. An experience like no other.

The last 3 days of our trip were spent sightseeing Mount Etjo and Swakopmund. Ruan took care of everything. It was wonderful spending time with Ruan Fearika! Delicious meals, many laughs and taking in the “sundown” are memories we will cherish for years to come!

As others have said ‘arrived as strangers, leaving as friends. Truly sums up our,9 days in Africa. The most personalized experience! We can not wait to come back!

Al+Krista Bergquist grande prairie,Ab Canada 


Dear Ruan & Fearika 

Ruan you are truly the best hunter I have ever hunted with. 

Your patients and ability to read the game puts you in a class of your own!

Thank you for the hospitality and all the treats.

Hope we can do this again soon!

Dankie Yster!!!


Schalk Burger - Namibia

24 July 2022

Ruan & Fearika 


Thank you for the greatest hunting experience of my life. Your guidance and expertise was truly something to behold Thank you for the hospitality that you and all your staff treated us with.

I cannot wait to return. You are a true friend!


Philip Maass - Namibia


This was the second trip to hunt with Ruan it was like coming back to home. Our hunt was spectacular. We shot everything we came for and had a great time, Eland challenge needs be new camp rule. This hunt was more that we could hope for.

It was a great Hunt


Dan- USA

Thank you for excellent hunt. 3 for3 on the Beast slam. Had a nother great time hunting hear.

This was a trip of a lifetime.


Josh Lamb - USA

August27, 2022

Dear Ruan,Karen and the entire Sesembo family 

We had a wonderful safari. The game and the hunting were exactly what we looked for, but the memories were truly made by the people who made this a most memorable father and son trip. To everyone looking to introduce an 8-year-old to safari; this is the way to go!

Till next time,

Max West - USA 



Trip of a lifetime.

We came to Namibia with the knowledge that this would be a trip of a lifetime that soon turned into, “when we come back”. Emotions flood as I think of the memories my son and I shared.

Immediately upon arrival we were met by a forever friend, Ruan. We felt like we’ve known for more than the three months of planning. He’s knowledge of hunting hit every checked box – knowledge, patience, excitement, we couldn’t ask for more.

Every day we were pampered with every need catered to. From laundry, cleaning and scrumptious meals, we knew quickly we wouldn’t go hungry.

This trip of a lifetime turned into “ when we see you again!”.


Thank you Ruan, Karen & staff for an unforgettable adventure.


  • Lori

Montan USA




First Trip to Namibia was such an awesome experience. So many memories that will last a lifetime to say the least. We definitely expect to be back. ASAP!


  • Shay

Montana USA




I love Africa.

This was my second trip with Ruan and as always, exceeded my expectations. The Sesembo camp, Ruan & his mother and the staff are always so accommodating. I will definitely be back and soon. I love the experience, people, hunting and much more.

Thank you all!


  • Hunter Rahn

Montana USA


July 2023


Our Father and Son trip to Namibia exceeded all expectations. Ruan is a huge professional and the best tracker I have had the pleasure of hunting with.

The food was delicious and diverse, the camp was well maintained and comfortable. The hunting was even better.

This trip will provide my father and I memories for a lifetime. This was the experience we had dreamed of.

This was my first trip to Namibia with Ruan, but not my last. I hope.

Thank you for the fantastic experience. Until we meet again. 


  • Jonathan & Rudolph


July 2023


We just completed our first trip to Namibia with Ruan and it was incredible! Not only was I impressed, but my daughters were constantly astonished! From the incredible views to my 1 on 1 hunt, it was amazing. The Sesembo camp was so very cool with the tents and surrounding rock formations, it was simply breathtaking.

I can’t wait to return and hunt with my daughters.


  • Robbie Padron

Maimi USA



July 2023


A trip of a lifetime!

These memories will live on forever. Ruan & his Family & team were incredible. The hospitality was out of this world, and I cannot wait to return.

We are so grateful for all of these experiences, from the breathtaking sunsets to the thrilling dune riding. 

We love Namibia!


  • Jan, Joel, Joaquin & Jord Barros Padron

Maimi USA


Very Good hunt as last time, 2nd trip. Enjoyed seeing your country very much. Great leopard hunt Thanks for 3weeks of fun and hard work it was worth it.


Peter Martin


April 2023


July 2023



I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful time! You and your beautiful family have made my dream come true. Actually, you made it better. I can’t wait to come again. (for the third time)!

My Love to you and your wonderful family, may God bless you all.


  • Kathy

Maimi USA


August 2023


Thank you Ruan.

All expectations were blown away! You provided us with first call service, attention & care. The entire staff was exceptional as well. 

This may be a once in a lifetime trip but I’m certain to return with my wife to join you once again on a new adventure.


  • Pat




Best hunt ever for me.

Everything well organized and professional. Superb guiding and tracking. There is a clear respect for the animals in Namibia by all staff at both camps. I truly enjoyed my time here; hunting and experiencing the Namibian bush.

Best to all of staff.

  • Jim Lincoln 

Montana, USA

Embarking on a journey through the vast and breathtaking landscapes of Namibia, we found ourselves immersed in an adventure that transcended the ordinary—a journey that will forever be etched in our memories, thanks to the exceptional hospitality of our host and guide, Raun. From the moment we set foot in Namibia, Raun welcomed us with open arms, instantly transforming our guided tour into an adventure that felt more like a rendezvous with a long-lost friend. Raun's warmth and genuine enthusiasm for sharing the beauty of his homeland made every moment of the trip extraordinary. This hunt was an invitation into the heart of Namibia, where we felt like cherished guests rather than mere travelers. Raun, his family, and the entire camp staff enveloped us in an unparalleled level of hospitality. The atmosphere was familial, creating a sense of belonging that transcended the typical tourist experience.

Chef Johanna, a culinary maestro, orchestrated a symphony of flavors that danced on our taste buds. Every meal, especially the succulent game meat cooked over the braai, was a testament to Namibia's rich culinary heritage. The camp itself was a harmonious blend of authenticity and comfort—a perfect base for our adventures. It kept us deeply connected to the real Africa while ensuring our every comfort was met. As the sun dipped below the horizon, evening sundowners around the campfire became a cherished ritual, accompanied by conversations under the vast Namibian sky. Our journey took us on rugged climbs to majestic vistas and unveiled ancient cave paintings that whispered tales of the land's history. Amidst the wild beauty, Nala, the guide dog, added an extra layer of charm, her companionship making the experience even more special. The infectious laughter of tracker Simone echoed through our days, infusing the trip with joy and camaraderie. His expertiese, combined with the heart-pounding moments during our hunt, made for an adventure of a lifetime. The hunting was not only an adrenaline-fueled pursuit but also a test of skill and patience, making the successful outcome all the more rewarding.

In every aspect, this Namibian odyssey surpassed our expectations. Words fail to capture the magic, the warmth, and the sheer wonder of the experience. It was an adventure that went beyond the ordinary—a journey worth every mile traveled. As we bid farewell to Namibia, our hearts are already yearning for the day we can return to relive the extraordinary moments and create new ones in the embrace of this remarkable country.


-Summer and Greg

USA  May 2023


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