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Additional Information

Things to know

Sesembo Hunting Safaris camp – coordinate op map -19.534707, 14.767210

Namib Naukluft park – Coordinates on map - -24.197228, 16.139864

Means of Travel.

Major Airlines Flying into Namibia:

South African Airways
Ethiopia airlines

Which Agent to use all flight arrangement as well as gun do’s and don’ts.


Lori Ginn of Travel
express -
Visa and Passport → Countries that need Travel Documents to visit Namibia are -
Traveler’s Health and Immunizations about Namibia -
Travel Insurance -

Wi-Fi and Phone connections are available. Sesembo has Cellphone connections to our local network MTC.

Plugs and adaptors – Sesembo Hunting Safaris Bush camp runs on solar power, for this reason we do not have plugs in the rooms. We offer a charging station where all phones, laptops, iPads, and
cameras can be charged. With an adaptor for US plugs. Please note that we do not have 110v to
220v converter.

Taking your own Gun on a hunt. Exporting from the States.

(CBP form# 4457) -

Importation to Namibia - Sesembo Hunting safaris will send you an invitation letter as well as the Namibian import form. Namibian form -

South African import form.


Things To Remember

Flash light
Sun protection lotion (SPF 30 or higher)

Lip balm
Batteries for cameras
Memory cards
Medication (prescription or other)
Comfortable clothes( 2 to 3 pairs)
Good Walking shoes
Binoculars Passport/Visa
Cash (USD can be exchanged for Namibian)
Face mask, hand sanitizer.
Negative covert PCR test not older than 72 Hours on arrival.
And an adventures personality!


Clothing for the hunting field: Three to four sets of medium cotton clothing in camouflage colors such as olive greens, khaki and beige. A pair of well-fitting and comfortable hiking boots, a broad rimmed safari hat, warm sleepwear and sweaters or parkas for cool nights and mornings. Please be sure to bring warm clothing if your safari falls between May and August. Bring along comfortable clothes and shoes for evenings and excursions.


Bringing the right rifle to the hunting safari can make all the difference. The 300's are our preferred caliber. On medium to large game like Kudu and Oryx, we would not recommend a smaller caliber than a 30-06 and for large game like Eland and Giraffe, we recommend a 375 or similar caliber. Reason being that the front shoulder bones of these animals are much thicker than that of smaller game, easily stopped by smaller calibers if the shot placement is even just a little off target.

Bullets and Scopes

Everyone has their preferred bullets. Our preferred bullets are Barnes TSX in 180 gr. or higher, because the bullet retains most of its weight, is very accurate and has a high velocity.
The most preferable scope is what you as hunter are familiar with. A 3-9x40 scope is more than sufficient to do the job. The PH, Ruan, personally uses a Leopold VX 1 on his 300WM
It's small, effective and durable.

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