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Why choose Namibia

Sesembo Hunting Safaris – humanity is the problem so let’s be part of the solution.

Wildlife conservation has become a more diverse topic over the past years, and those involved at Sesembo have made it their mission to incorporate conservation efforts into every hunting experience and Namibia being well known for its conservation efforts and animal population management, makes it the only destinations for consideration.

The key to applying conservation efforts to sustainable hunting, is to understand why conservation is needed and how it works. With continuous human interference and land encroachment, has led to higher conservation demands from both animal and human. Initially by trying to control the areas where animals live and naturally occur, resulted in overpopulation of certain species in certain areas and reduced numbers of others in other areas. Animals contained in small areas have caused destruction of habitats, resulting in migration of animals and even greater human-animal conflict arising.

At Sesembo we strive to reduce these conflicts, by managing animal populations and sustaining them through the following approaches:

Giving huntable game tangible (monetary and product) value on both private and public land.

Making wildlife an integral part of communal and rural communities

Ensuring that wildlife outside national parks financially contributes to the country’s economy.

Wildlife can roam free, are unfenced, are susceptible to drought and disease to allow natural population fluctuations and provide for “fair chase” of animals being harvested.

Environmental concerns are publicly recognised.

Hunting harvest are sustainable and based on scientifically accepted harvesting rates.

Stalking of game in their natural habitat ensuring a wilderness experience a fare chase.

Targeting of mature animals no longer in their prime reproductive state without negatively impacting the overall population.

Ethically hunt predators in combination with predator management programs.

Manage overpopulated herds by taking out old, diseased or young animals without disturbing the breading animals.

It is because of these practices that Namibia has become the most successful African country in all its animal conservation efforts and can boast with the following:

The largest black and white rhino free roaming population

Largest free roaming cheetah population

Successfully translocated animals out of parks and into communal areas

Reinstatement of several species that have become locally extinct

Increased elephant population outside parks

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